The VAULT-CAST: The Official Podcast of THE B-MOVIE FILM VAULT

The official podcast of! Hosts Jordan Garren ("The Vault Master") and "Silent" Steve Oldford, discuss a wide variety of topics, revolving around film and pop culture. Though we do branch out and discuss A-list Hollywood films, we generally focus on b-cinema. And somehow, we almost always shoehorn Godzilla into the conversation!
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Jun 5, 2015
VAULT-CAST Episode IX: Ramblin' into 2015

Your friendly neighborhood podcasters, Jordan & "Silent" Steve are back, with our first new show of 2015! Recorded back in January (whoops!), this episode of the VAULT-CAST has us looking back (somewhat fondly) at 2014, where we met some childhood heroes, and saw some kick-ass movies!

We also discuss the films we're most excited for in 2015, and, since we did this one totally on the fly, we're all over the map! We go off on tangents left and right, but had a fun time doing so.

Give our latest show a listen, and stay tuned for more VAULT-CASTs as we enjoy another year of film fests, Hollywood blockbusters, independent films, and b-movie oddities!

Thanks for listening!

Jun 5, 2015
VAULT-CAST: Episode VIII - Guardians of the Awesome

Jordan and "Silent" Steve rave about Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY in our eighth podcast!

This episode is entirely dedicated to James Gunn's awesome tale of lonely misfits pulling together to save the galaxy from a power-mad Kree alien named Ronan the Accuser. The Marvel cinematic universe went cosmic, and we thank the movie gods that they took this bold move!

Have a listen and see what we had to say about what we consider to be the BEST MOVIE OF 2014!

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