The VAULT-CAST: The Official Podcast of THE B-MOVIE FILM VAULT

The official podcast of! Hosts Jordan Garren ("The Vault Master") and "Silent" Steve Oldford, discuss a wide variety of topics, revolving around film and pop culture. Though we do branch out and discuss A-list Hollywood films, we generally focus on b-cinema. And somehow, we almost always shoehorn Godzilla into the conversation!
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Nov 3, 2019

Patreon LogoGreetings Vault Dwellers! Just wanted to announce that the VAULT-CAST is now on Patreon! If you have enjoyed all of our previous episodes, then please consider making a one-time pledge, or become a monthly sustainer to help us pay for our hosting fees on LibSyn, along with all of the costs involved in keeping our parent site (The B-Movie Film Vault) and sister blog (The B-Movie News Vault) on the web!

Joining our Patreon page makes you part of a special community with some exclusive features: You'll get posts that The Vault's OTHER social media pages won't see, you can have a say in what we review, and get early access to review & article rough drafts, future podcasts, and any YouTube content we generate! We're also planning on doing monthly DVD and/or Blu-ray giveways, EXCLUSIVELY for our Patrons!

There is absolutely NO obligation to sign up, and whether you kick in some $$$ or not, we thank you from the bottom of our Godzilla-lovin', bad movie-enjoyin' hearts for listening to our show.

Speaking of which.... THE VAULT-CAST will return soon, though it may be a solo effort for a while. Stay tuned Vault Dwellers and thanks again for all the support you've given us over the years!

- Jordan Garren (The Vault Master)

Aug 22, 2017

Vault-Cast Episode 14 artwork.Freddy vs. Jason, Alien vs. Predator, King Kong vs. Godzilla. Fun? Absolutely. Fundamentally flawed? You betcha!

For this short episode of the Vault-Cast, your hosts venture into the troublesome realm of "Versus movies." We discuss why they don't always seem to work, and offer up some ideas on how to fix these types of films in the future. Naturally we do this while tossing back a few cold ones, so yes, we do ramble about Godzilla and Star Wars, and take the occasional potshot at one another.

Jul 30, 2017

Recorded on the open road late last year, this is a review for the (somewhat divisive) SHIN GOJIRA (aka SHIN GODZILLA, GODZILLA: RESURGENCE). Your friendly neighborhood Vault Master and his chatty cohost "Silent" Steve, dive into what works and what doesn't in Japan's latest entry into the ongoing GODZILLA franchise!

Note: Sorry for the background noise - we did our best to make it less noticeable.

Oct 19, 2016

On a recent journey to see SHIN GOJIRA on the big screen, your hosts Jordan the Vault Master and "Silent" Steve recorded a mobile podcast for your listening pleasure! In our latest Halloween episode, we discuss plot holes and evade potholes as we share some of our favorite genre fare that we watch every Halloween, and discuss several hidden gems we recently unearthed! Thanks for listening and have a Happy Halloween Vault Dwellers!

Also special thanks to our superfan Chuck, for composing some cool-ass intro music for us! Listen to more of his stuff here: Slicely Studios

Jun 13, 2016

While on a road trip to a secret location for a secret event, your lovable Vault-Cast hosts, Jordan the Vault Master and "Silent" Steve, began sharing Game of Thrones theories! With no more books to fall back on, we're all flying blind, so enjoy this episode, and feel free to share your own theories with us!

Also, our apologies for the background noise. We did our best to reduce the ambient noise caused by our vehicle and surround traffic!

Jan 22, 2016

2015 will always be known as the year that fans Kickstarted a new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Because of that, "in the not too distant future," MST3K will be making its triumphant return! In celebration (better late than never!), your friendly neighborhood Vault Master (Jordan Garren) and his cohost "Silent" Steve, embark on a journey through our favorite MST3K episodes and memories!

We discuss how we discovered the show, what our absolute favorite episodes are (from both the Joel and Mike eras), and share anecdotes about meeting MST3K creator Joel Hodgson!

If you're a fellow MSTie, give our latest Vault-Cast a listen, and "watch out for snakes!"

Oct 29, 2015

Your friendly neighborhood Vault Master, Jordan Garren, and his ironically-named cohost, "Silent" Steve Oldford, are back for an all new Halloween-themed podcast!

In this episode of the VAULT-CAST, we take a brief look at the films, and career of the late Wes Craven. After that, come with us on an anecdote-filled trip back in time as we scare up some memories about the film (and monsters) that terrified us when we were children!

Thanks for listening and have a happy and safe Halloween!

Jun 5, 2015
VAULT-CAST Episode IX: Ramblin' into 2015

Your friendly neighborhood podcasters, Jordan & "Silent" Steve are back, with our first new show of 2015! Recorded back in January (whoops!), this episode of the VAULT-CAST has us looking back (somewhat fondly) at 2014, where we met some childhood heroes, and saw some kick-ass movies!

We also discuss the films we're most excited for in 2015, and, since we did this one totally on the fly, we're all over the map! We go off on tangents left and right, but had a fun time doing so.

Give our latest show a listen, and stay tuned for more VAULT-CASTs as we enjoy another year of film fests, Hollywood blockbusters, independent films, and b-movie oddities!

Thanks for listening!

Jun 5, 2015
VAULT-CAST: Episode VIII - Guardians of the Awesome

Jordan and "Silent" Steve rave about Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY in our eighth podcast!

This episode is entirely dedicated to James Gunn's awesome tale of lonely misfits pulling together to save the galaxy from a power-mad Kree alien named Ronan the Accuser. The Marvel cinematic universe went cosmic, and we thank the movie gods that they took this bold move!

Have a listen and see what we had to say about what we consider to be the BEST MOVIE OF 2014!

If you are enjoying our podcast, please let us know by liking, sharing, and commenting on this video. Many thanks for listening and subscribing!

May 1, 2015
VAULT-CAST Episode VII: Universal Monster Squad

In this VAULT-CAST, Jordan and "Silent" Steve decided to tackle the forefathers of modern horror and monster movies: THE UNIVERSAL MONSTERS!

We discuss our love of the characters and the films, and ponder why they remain so popular and timeless after all these decades. Then we shift gears from Universal's stable of movie monsters, to Fred Dekker's THE MONSTER SQUAD. This classic '80s flick is a love letter to the classic Universal Monsters, and features a strong cast, great script, and great makeup f/x from the late Stan Winston.

Finally we do another "Cultural Movie Exchange:" Steve had to watch BEST WORST MOVIE and Jordan had to watch LAWRENCE OF ARABIA.

May 1, 2015
VAULT-CAST Episode VI: Dawn of the Road to the Monster Dog

In this podcast, Jordan and the ironically named "Silent" Steve march into the forbidden zone and discuss PLANET OF THE APES. We talk about the original films, briefly touch upon the Tim Burton remake debacle, and the decent 2011 reboot, then sing praises for DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. (Easily one of the best films of 2014!)

After that, we unveil our first ever CULTURAL MOVIE EXCHANGE where we share (or inflict) films on one another that we haven't seen before! In our first round, I had to watch the dark, joyless, and utterly depressing THE ROAD, while Steve had to suffer through a quirky obscurity called MONSTER DOG! (Featuring Alice Cooper in the lead role!)

To cap things off, we discussed many of the news and rumors from San Diego Comic Con and look towards 2015, which will hopefully be an amazing year for all of us nerds!
Thanks for listening!

May 1, 2015
VAULT-CAST Episode V: Transformers Age of Ex-Stink-tion

In this episode, Jordan and "Silent Steve" discuss Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION! It's loud, dumb, too long, and way too convoluted! But it also has DINOBOTS! Did Jordan enjoy it? Will he convince Steve to see it? Hit play and find out for yourself!

Thanks again for listening! If you are enjoying the VAULT-CAST, please support us by subscribing and engaging with us on social media!

May 1, 2015

We're gonna need a bigger podcast...

Recorded back on June 20th, this episode of the VAULT-CAST celebrates the 39th Anniversary of Steven Spielberg's JAWS. We kick things off with some news about Disney's upcoming 7th Star Wars film, Max Landis' idea for a Ghostbusters 3 intro, and the Shredder design for the upcoming TMNT film. (Lotsa old news!)

Then we dive in and praise JAWS, which is arguably one of the best films ever made. We discuss its themes, share some trivia, and wax nostalgic about our personal experiences with the film.

Finally, we round out this restrospective podcast by taking a brief look at the JAWS sequels, and many of the films inspired by Spielberg's landmark film. (e.g. Alligator, Piranha, Grizzly, etc.)

If you enjoyed this MEGA-podcast, or any of our previous episodes, please let us know! Thanks for listening!

Apr 12, 2015

In this latest podcast, Jordan and "Silent" Steve wish Happy Birthdays to Malcolm McDowell, Robert Englund, Jim Varney, and numerous Friday the 13th alumni. We discuss the new Jurassic Park, the Bechdel Test (and why it is SO flawed), then geek out about Friday the 13th! This episode has something for everyone; we hope you enjoy!

Apr 12, 2015
VAULT-CAST Episode II: The Kong-queror Worm

In this podcast, Jordan and "Silent" Steve Oldford are all over the place! We send birthday greetings to Sir Christopher Lee and the late and great Vincent Price, do a quick(ish) overview of 2014's Summer Blockbusters, and cap things off with an in-depth discussion about KING KONG and it's sequels, reboots, and two Japanese films. We also rank the Kong flicks from best to worst!

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